Slow Food MovementSlow Food is an international, educational non profit organization supported by its members and is the antidote to the fast food lifestyle of this age. In 1989, in Paris France, delegates from 15 countries led by Italian Carlos Petrini (the founding father of Slow Food) met to sign its founding manifesto. Folco Portinari, founding member of Slow Food penned the manifesto and writes, “Let us rediscover the flavors and savors of regional cooking and banish the slow degrading effects of Fast Food.”

Slow Food believes that food should taste good and be produced in a way that considers our health and the well being of our planet and its affect on our economy. We believe that producers should be fairly compensated for their work and respected in their communities. Slow Food educates people about the importance of preserving and promoting local and traditional food heritages as well as how and where their food is produced. Also, we believe that whenever possible, food should be eaten in season.

As a Chapter of Slow Food USA, Slow Food Detroit aims to fulfill the Slow Food mission at a local level. We celebrate our food traditions and heritages through local and regional food related events such as rural and urban farm tours, farmers markets, wine tastings, brewery and wine tours, fillm screenings and farm to school programs.

As we savor the flavors of our region during our tastings and tours, we are able to bring awareness to the direct impact our food choices have on our local economy, environment and culture. At farmers markets the community members are able to meet their local farmers and artisans, creating lasting relationships that are built on respect and trust. As we bring local food into the schools we are able to introduce the children to freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, giving them an opportunity to learn to discern the difference between something that was planted, grown and harvested in their region versus the same type of food that was planted, grown and harvested thousands of miles away.

Slow Food Detroit’s members and supporters come from various backgrounds, talents and life experiences. This diversity is celebrated and utilized as we continue to grow together as a community and reach out to others. Anyone who joins Slow Food Detroit as a member or a partner will become part of a community that is making positive and lasting changes for our food system.

Join Slow Food Detroit

  • Learn where you can purchase locally grown seasonal and sustainable produce throughout Michigan
  • Work to support small farmers, producers, and local food artisans, brewers and wine makers wherever possible
  • Identify and enjoy Slow Food restaurants, markets, and purveyors of artisan food products, like cheeses, wines and beers in your local area
  • Take part in a variety of events such as: food and wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, farm tours, film screenings, community gardening, and much more!
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Donate To Your Local Growers

Please donate to our Know Your Farmer Know Your Food Local Growers and Education Resource Fund Slow Food Detroit's Know Your Farmer Know Your Food Growers and Educaiton Resource Fund has been created to help our local area rural, urban and community farmers meet their needs. This fund is also for local and sustainable food education. Click here to donate now!